Pennsylvania passed a transportation funding bill in 2013, increasing transportation revenue by $2.3 billion per year. The funding goes toward state and local roads and bridges, public transportation, and active transportation. The bill sets a minimum of $2 million to be spent on bicycle and pedestrian facilities annually and creates a $144 million fund that can be used for trail, walking and biking projects. Funding is derived from eliminating the $0.12/gallon state retail gas and diesel tax, but lifting the cap on and raising how much can be collected through the Oil Company Franchise Tax (OCFT), a wholesale gasoline and diesel tax. In addition, vehicle registration, driver license fees and some traffic violation fines were raised to provide some additional revenue. Passed. Learn more from our Success Story. Read the legislation.

Published on 12/19/16

Funding Mechanism: Bill

Topic Area: Transportation, Trails, Cycling, Walking, Transit, Taxes, Dedicated Funding, Vehicle Fees

State: Pennsylvania

Tags: Gas tax, 2013