This report estimates the economic impact of the bicycling industry and events in Minnesota, estimates bicycling infrastructure use across the state, and assesses the health effects of bicycling in the Twin Cities metropolitan area (TCMA). A survey of bicycling-related manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, non-profit and advocacy groups found the industry produced a total of $779.9 million of economic activity in 2014. Using data from multiple sources, the number of bicycle trips in Minnesota was estimated to be between 75.2 and 96 million annually. The TCMA accounts for 69%-72% of the total number of trips and miles traveled in Minnesota. Bicycling events, including races, non-race rides, fundraising events, mountain bicycling events, high school races and bicycle tours, produced a total of $14.3 million of economic activity in 2014.

The impact on health is no less striking. Bicycle commuting prevents 12 to 61 deaths per year, saving $100 million to $500 million. Bicycle commuting three times per week is also linked to 46% lower odds of metabolic syndrome, 32% lower odds of obesity, and 28% lower odds of hypertension, all of which lower medical costs. Project findings tell a compelling story for the positive effects of bicycling and provide direct evidence that supports the efforts of promoting bicycling-related industry, infrastructure, events and activities.

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Published on 12/27/16

Author: Minnesota Department of Transportation

Collection: Benefits of Trails

Type: Report

State: Minnesota

Tags: Economic Impact, Health