The 18-mile Clarion/Little Toby Rail-with-Trail runs from Elk County, PA to Jefferson County, PA.  Problems have arisen with a 1.8-mile stretch of the trail running adjacent to an active railway, so this feasibility study was conducted by Alta Planning + Design with the intent of relocating this stretch of trail. Through analysis of existing conditions, stakeholder concerns, and documents related to the trail, a list of alternatives is determined. These alternatives include renovating the trail with increased fencing, signage and warning systems, enhancing legal protection, diverting the trail, re-aligning the trail, buying the rail line, closing the 1.8-mile segment altogether, or making no changes whatsoever.  

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Published on 08/01/05

Author: ALTA Planning + Design

Collection: Trail Projects

Type: Plan

State: Pennsylvania

Tags: Design, Rail-with-Trail