The Kansas City Regional Trails and Marking Initiative is intended to better serve visitors to park and green spaces throughout Kansas City by providing a higher level of public safety through 9-1-1. More specifically, this initiative affords park visitors the opportunity to communicate from their personal cellular phone an exact location to a 9-1-1 dispatcher, in the event of a need for fire, police or emergency medical services. Users communicate their location by sharing with the dispatcher the unique address of the nearest trail marker sign. This is accomplished through geo-referencing specific points along trails where traditional addressing is non-existent. Public safety personnel also have trail data and sign locations mapped on their 9-1-1 equipment to view areas and features not previously available.

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Published on 04/01/09

Author: Lenexa Parks and Recreation Department

Collection: Trail Enhancements

Type: Case study

State: Missouri

Tags: Maintenance, Safety, Signage