Over 150 years ago, in 1847, the railroad which was to become known as the “Milwaukee Road” was incorporated and by 1905 extended from Chicago to Puget Sound, Washington. A technical marvel, "it pioneered long-distance electrification (656 route miles), was constructed of all-welded freight and passenger cars, and operated high-speed intercity passenger trains. (The steam powered Hiawatha commonly ran over 100 m.p.h..) The road employed thousands and touched millions during its operation."

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy performed historical research, conducted a state legal review, and gathered funding information as part of this extensive assessment and feasibility study for the Milwaukee Road in Idaho. It is our hope that the legacy of the Milwaukee Road can be preserved. Through the establishment of a trail, users will once again be able to traverse the trestles, submerge themselves in the tunnels, enjoy the beauty of the landscape, and soak in the history of a route vital to U.S. history.

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Published on 04/01/06

Author: Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

Collection: Trail Projects

Type: Plan

State: Idaho

Tags: Corridor Research