To encourage and support walking in the City of North Vancouver, and to build on the direction outlined in the Transportation Plan, the City wanted to establish an objective framework to enhance the pedestrian network through the community. This study included the identification of all locations in the City where sidewalks are missing, the development of a methodology to objectively assess and prioritize needs for new sidewalks, and the development of an implementation strategy.

The methodology included five evaluation criteria: Severity, which indicates how safe a particular missing link is; Probability of conflict, which indicates the probability of a conflict between pedestrians and vehicles; Access to transit, which considered the proximity of transit routes; Proximity to schools, which considered the proximity of schools; and Pedestrian demand, which considered the potential pedestrian demand for each missing sidewalk.

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Published on 10/01/09

Author: Brian Patterson and Dragana Mitic

Collection: Trail Projects

Type: Report


Tags: Safety, Accessibility, Urban