Building Healthy Places for Healthy People Through Active Transportation Networks

Americans need safe routes to walk and bicycle, and such active transportation networks connecting community destinations are critical to making it safe and practical to routinely walk and bicycle. Supporting active transportation should be a national priority because it provides affordable mobility, promotes public health through physical activity and cleaner air, and creates jobs and community vitality.

To realize these benefits to the nation, the Partnership for Active Transportation calls on the federal government to:

  • Increase federal investment dedicated to safe active transportation networks;
  • Use innovative financing to leverage the private value of infrastructure to stretch limited public dollars and accelerate projects; and
  • Integrate health concerns into transportation decisions, and active transportation opportunities into health policies.

This report, published by the Partnership for Active Transportation, illustrates why investing in networks of infrastructure that enable walking and bicycling—or active transportation—is critical to providing transportation systems that meet everyone’s needs.

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Published on 02/11/14

Author: Partnership for Active Transportation

Collection: Policy

Type: Report


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