As key partners in Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs, schools and school districts can play a big role in establishing a culture of bicycling and walking to school. School policies that encourage and support bicycling and walking can substantially boost a SRTS program, both within individual schools and throughout the community. In contrast, a policy that discourages or prohibits bicycling or walking can stop a SRTS program in its tracks. While SRTS programs are developing and flourishing in many communities around the country, some communities are discovering barriers to active transportation due to school policies. This report guides you through 1) Barrier policies, which discourage, prohibit, or otherwise present barriers to bicycling and walking to school; and 2) Supportive policies, which encourage, support or enable bicycling and walking to school programs.

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Published on 08/01/09

Author: Safe Routes to School National Partnership

Collection: Policy

Type: Manual


Tags: SRTS