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Rails-to-Trails Conservancy has resources for the trails community including funding resources, trail use tips, technical tips, best practices and webinars.

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Rails-to-Trails Conservancy provides resources in the form of a how-to trail-building toolbox, a webinar series with industry experts, a database of effective state funding models, a coalition in support of increased public investment in walking and bicycling, technical support and a library of best practices for rural, suburban and urban communities seeking to build trails and connect trail systems.

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TrailNationTM Collaborative

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is launching the TrailNation Collaborative—a new multidisciplinary learning community that offers proven tools and methods to establish and grow trail networks across the country.

We welcome anyone interested or working in trail and active transportation or related fields to join the Collaborative now and be one of the first to learn more about the Collaborative in early 2023!


Inside Track Policy Newsletter

Sign up for The Inside Track to receive the latest updates from inside Capitol Hill, the White House and—when relevant—state legislatures. Best suited for: elected or appointed officials and their staff; advocacy organizations, businesses, industry groups and similar entities involved in the trail-related space; and trail and active transportation policy enthusiasts.


Active Transportation Policy Hub illustration

Active Transportation Policy Hub for State an Local Funding

There are many ways to fund active transportation—trails, biking and walking—at the state level. Creativity and strong partnerships are central to an effective funding strategy. RTC's Active Transportation Policy Hub is a search tool to empower transportation advocates, legislators, government officials and their staff with information and examples of effective funding models that can be replicated to secure the investments they need locally.

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RTC's Trail Expert Network produces a free webinar series designed to help trail professionals build, manage, and promote trails.

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Trail-Building Toolbox

Rail-trails are multi-purpose public paths created from former railroad corridors. They are most often flat or follow a gentle grade as they traverse urban, suburban and rural communities in America. Get all the basics for creating a vibrant rail-trail for your community, including technical tips and tried-and-true methods for generating neighborhood, political and funding support for your project by using the toolbox.

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BikeAble™ is a customizable tool for analyzing community connectivity.

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Transportation Alternatives Data Exchange (TrADE)

Understand the ins and outs of the federal Transportation Alternatives (TA) program, and learn how to apply for funding.

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Partnership for Active Transportation

A unique coalition—working at the intersection of transportation, public health and community vitality—to promote greater investment in active-transportation policies and programs at the federal and state level.

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Rail-Trail Stats and Info by State

Use our map to find rail-trail stats, funding levels and related info such as trail networks and blogs by state.

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America's Rails-with-Trails Report

America's Rails-with-Trails Report

Rails-with-trails are safe, common, and increasing in number. These are the standout findings of America's Rails-with-Trail Report, a defining new study on the development of multi-use trails alongside active freight, passenger and tourist rail lines.

Read Report  More about Rail-with-Trails

Active Transprotation Beyond Urban Centers

Active Transportation Beyond Urban Centers Report

When we think about commuting to work, many assume that active transportation is only an option for people in the largest cities, but this report demonstrates that, in fact, active transportation is a part of life even far beyond urban centers.

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