Photo by RTC/Jake Lynch

Importance of Federal Programs to Trails, Biking and Walking

The Transportation Alternatives (TA) program (formerly called Transportation Enhancements, or TE) is by far the largest source of funding for active-transportation projects, including trails, and biking and walking infrastructure. Since 1991, TA-funded projects have had a transformative effect on thousands of communities of all sizes.

You can learn about the various TA-funded projects in your community through RTC’s Transportation Alternatives Data Exchange (TrADE), which compiles information on TA spending by states and local communities. This service provides professionals, policy makers and citizens with information about how their communities have benefited from this successful and popular funding source.

These resources below demonstrate the great importance to your community of the three federal funding programs for trails. Arm yourself with information: use these resources to urge your local, state or federal representative to support the funding sources that make America’s trails possible!

Please note that these lists may be incomplete; if you are aware of any projects not currently included, please contact our policy team.

Search online for the names and contact information of your congressional representatives via the following: