Minnesota trail sees enforcement of stop sign rules

Posted 08/27/09 by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy in Building Trails

Minnesota's Dakota Rail Regional Trail opened in June and has quickly become a popular trail in Hennepin County. Recently, police began ticketing cyclists who do not stop at road crossings with stop signs and KSTP-TV was there to document it. The report doesn't make it clear what the rules are for crossings on this particular trail - for example, it's unclear whether a dismount is required. In addition to being properly enforced, crossings and the rules that govern them must be properly crafted to safely accommodate all types of trail users as well as road users crossing the trail. Notably, the woman interviewed in the report who dismounted with her children and walked across the road was wearing her helmet incorrectly. It's more proof that when it comes to safety, we all have room to improve.

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