For $40 a Foot, Londonderry Grows Rail-Trail Plans From the Grassroots

Posted 11/13/12 by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy in Building Trails

Photo of Londonderry Trailways volunteer working on the corridor ©

Inspired by the great popularity of rail-trails all around them, the people of Londonderry in southeast New Hampshire continue an impressive volunteer-driven effort to build a rail-trail in their community.

Londonderry Trailways, a nonprofit group formed by local residents, has spent the last few years raising money and support to connect their community to a developing rail-trail project recycling the disused corridor between nearby Salem and Lebanon, almost 100 miles to the northwest.

Last week the group made a very physical statement of their support, cutting down and clearing about 2,000 feet of overgrowth on the railroad corridor, work done by volunteers with chainsaws, shears and shovels.

As well as contributing volunteer labor to the project, Londonderry Trailways has raised local funds to meet grant matching requirements, and continues to raise money for future planning and construction of what will soon be more than six miles of paved 

Photo of Derry Rail Trail © Bike-Walk Alliance of New Hampshire

pathway through Londonderry. The nearby towns of Derry (left) and Windham have already developed segments of the corridor into paved trail, and as biking and walking grows in popularity in these areas Londonderry is keen to follow their lead.

The group is now offering supporters a unique opportunity to take ownership of the trail's development, one foot at a time. For just $40, people can adopt a one-foot section of the trail. The tax deductible donation will help Londonderry Trailways leverage grant funding to provide a public recreation and transportation facility to benefit the whole region.

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