Movement Begins Westward On Tennessee Central Heritage Rail Trail

Posted 11/19/12 by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy in Building Trails

The people of central Tennessee are excited about the potential of an extensive rail-trail in their region, and are wasting no time making that dream a reality.

Last Friday, the community of Monterey celebrated the official opening of the first section of what will one day be the 19-mile Tennessee Central Heritage Rail Trail.

The first half-mile of the trail, utilizing an active railroad corridor in downtown Monterey, is the first movement west of what local businesses and residents hope will showcase the Tennessee Highlands, one of the most scenic and historic regions of Tennessee, and encourage more physical activity in a state beset by the costs of obesity and inactive lifestyles.

And things will continue to move on the trail project, with construction permits for the 3.9-mile Cookeville to Algood segment already approved, and some funding secured.

Locals interested in learning more about the rail-trail's development can attend a meeting at 12 p.m. on the fourth Monday of each month at the Leslie Town Centre, Cookeville. For more information, visit

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