Top 10 Favorite Tennessee Trails: The Locals Have Spoken

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Photo © Shelby Farms Greenline

Whether they are fast city bikeways for the morning commute, or leisurely pathways for a relaxing weekend getaway, people in Tennessee have a lot of love for their local trails!

And Rails-to-Trails Conservancy's free trail-finder website,, gives trail users a venue to share that love. According to user reviews and rankings, here are your Top 10 Favorite Trails in Tennessee.

1. Shelby Farms Greenline, Memphis.

"OMG!! My sister and I have been planning for a couple of years to purchase bikes and ride this trail for cardio purposes. I hate that we waited so long to do so! The Greenline is absolutely wonderful, well-paved and well-shaded. The scenery is absolutely beautiful and quite tranquil." 

2. Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail, Ashland City.

"The trail is just awesome. Although easy to ride, it's filled with plenty of things to see. Will ride it again soon."

"Flat all the way with many wooden bridges. So beautiful." 

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3. Chattanooga Riverwalk, Chattanooga.

"Great for biking with the family. It's mostly flat so it's easy enough to bring the kids. Lots of rest areas, picnic areas and playgrounds along the way. Beautiful views of the river." 

4. Clarksville Greenway, Clarksville.

"This is a great place to go walking. My son loves to sit in his stroller and observer all that is around him. The trail is clean and super nice. Most everyone greets you and I feel super safe being there, especially by myself." 

5. Richland Creek Greenway, Nashville.

"The R.C. Greenway is in my neighborhood, and I'm just tickled pink! Aside from the recreational aspect, it provides residents with easy access to shopping and dining, as well as Nashville State Community College and Tennessee Technology Center. I have seen several older folks meandering down the trail, even one senior cruising along in his motorized wheelchair with a fishing pole attached to the back. Go, dude!" 

6. Springfield Greenway, Springfield.

"What a variation of beauty. Creek side, through farm land, into a public park. Great walk."

"I can't believe I've lived down the road from this for years and had never checked it out. This is one of the prettiest greenways I've been on. Just beautiful." 

7. Maryville-Alcoa Greenway, Maryville.

"I have used this to become the 'Biggest Loser' where I work. I was at 250 lbs. when I started walking, and I'm now at 185 lbs. Thanks greenway." 

8. Shelby Bottoms Greenway, Nashville.

"I rode it over the weekend, and the trail is great. Kudos to Nashville for making this trail!" 

9. Kingsport Greenbelt, Kingsport.

"Really a great urban biking trail, all asphalt. A good place to bike in the day, but gets crowded in the late evenings." 

10. Wolftever Creek Greenway, Collegedale

"It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday and many people were using the trail. It's a lovely setting as it travels beside Wolftever Creek, with several charming parks along the way."


Did your favorite trail miss out on the Top 10? Then be sure to log in to to post reviews and photos from trips you've taken along the trail. And if the information we have on your local trail is at all outdated, it's easy to use the "edit description" function on each trail's page. Your info will come to us, and we can get that sorted out. Happy trails!

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