RTC Opens the Door to a Bold New World

Posted 02/13/13 by Kevin Mills in Taking Action

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) is an innovator. It began with our leadership and trailblazing support of the rail-trail movement in its infancy in the 1980s. It continues today through our connection of rail-trail development to a broader system of pathways that encourage walking and biking, improve traffic capacity in overloaded cities, boost local economies and real estate markets, and increase the independence and mobility of all Americans.

Our newest work of innovation is the Partnership for Active Transportation. For the first time, RTC has reached beyond the traditional advocates of biking, walking and trails systems, and mobilized a large and diverse group that will, over the coming decades, be a constant voice in support of better investment that encourage and facilitate active transportation.

This Partnership for Active Transportation includes public health organizations, real estate companies, tourism agencies and business representatives. It brings together organizations that support walking and biking because of its health benefits with organizations that are interested in walking and biking because of its impact on commercial development.

The innovation in this is the breadth of support RTC is generating, the weight of our advocacy. As the benefits of active transportation infrastructure reach a broader range of sectors and interests, we are bringing those interests together, in one organization, to make sure active transportation is an even bigger part of America's future.

Are you part of an organization that is fit, fast, healthy and mobile, and that wants the same for America? Join us. www.partnership4at.org

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