Where to Rent or Borrow Outdoor Gear in Washington

Posted 02/12/14 by Amy Kapp in Trail Use

The diverse terrain of Washington (mountains, deserts, forest, volcanoes and lots of coastline) makes for some great hiking. And, according to Washington Trails Association (WTA), you don't need to break the bank to do it. 

Check out this great post on where to rent and borrow gear in the Evergreen State—compliments of WTA's Loren Drummond. In addition to having backpacked and repaired sections of the Colorado, Appalachian and Pacific Crest trails, she has a fondness for hiking and camping; in fact, she's made it a personal goal this year to spend 10 percent of it sleeping under the stars.

Something tells us she knows what she's talking about.

Drummond writes:

"One of the best things about hiking is that it doesn't take a lot of money or specialized gear to do it. Some sturdy shoes, a backpack with a few basic essentials and warm or waterproof clothes are often all that's needed for a day in the woods. Many of the basics can be found at thrift stores or purchased second-hand.

"Other equipment, like backpacking packs, stoves, snowshoes, tents or sleeping bags may require more of an investment. If you're not in a position to buy new gear or not sure you want to commit to a new aspect of the outdoors just yet, you have the option to rent some gear. Renting is a great way to explore a new sport, get a feel for different brands or kinds of gear, or equip fast-growing kids.

"Below are a few resources for renting or borrowing gear in Washington state..."

Click here to read the full story by Drummond on WTA's Signpost blog.

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