Bike to Work Day - The Power of Just Being There

Posted 05/09/14 by Jake Lynch in Taking Action, Trail Use

What does riding a bike mean to you?

Is it your only mode of transportation and vital for you to get from A to B? Or do you just like to go for a spin on the weekend with friends?

If you're anything like me, it's somewhere in the middle. Riding a bike doesn't define you. But it's something great in your life that makes it easier to get around, to stay fit and active, and to be free from the hassles of being dependent on a car and dealing with traffic.

There's a lot of joy in riding a bike! And that's why Bike to Work Day has grown into the wonderful, nationwide party that it is today.

For one day in May, in communities across America, rookies and seasoned veterans alike gather along popular bike routes to celebrate their pedal-powered commute and learn more about the advocacy groups working hard to make riding safer and more convenient.

But it's important to remember that Bike to Work Day is also about demonstrating to lawmakers and transportation officials that, yes, riding a bike is a transportation choice for millions of Americans, and this mode needs to be supported in our transportation policies.

So, just by showing up and taking part, you are adding one more body to the booming crowd and demonstrating to the powers-that-be just how many Americans regularly ride a bike.

Who knew advocacy could be so simple? You might even enjoy yourself...

Bike to Work Day is often held on a different day in May, dependent on the organizers in your community. So get in touch with your local bike advocacy groups, if you know them, or google "Bike to Work Day" and the name of your community to see what's happening locally. Pedal on.

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