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Posted 10/15/14 by Leeann Sinpatanasakul in Policy

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There are exciting things happening in my home state of New Jersey. This November, residents have an opportunity to vote on a ballot measure that will keep the Garden State green and preserve it for generations to come. 

If passed, the Clean Water, Open Space, Farmland and Historic Preservation Dedication (Public Question 2) would provide an estimated $117 million per year, starting in 2019, to conserve and care for natural areas and open space, farmland, historic sites and flood-prone areas. 

What’s particularly exciting is that this funding could be used to expand New Jersey’s trail network. In the past, open space funds have been used to acquire and develop some of New Jersey’s best-loved trails, such as the scenic Paulinskill Valley Trail, the Henry Hudson Trail, the incredible Columbia Trail and connectors to the Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park Trail

If it passes, Public Question 2 will ensure that new funds are set aside for open space and allow local communities to use these funds for maintenance of existing trails and the creation of new trails. 

Question 2 will require no new taxes. The state already dedicates 4 percent of the money collected from the Corporate Business Tax to help pay for some environmental programs. Theballot measure changes how some of the programs are funded and raises the amount to be set aside for open space from 4 percent to 6 percent.

Watch this short clip: Vote Yes On Public Question 2 On November 4th

Question 2 isn’t only a win for trails. It’s a win for land and water conservation, the natural places we care about, the clean drinking water we depend on, the farmland economy that gives our state its name and the historic places that define our heritage. 

By voting “Yes” on Question 2, New Jersey residents can preserve today’s quality of life for future generations to come. Vote “Yes on 2” on Nov. 4!

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