Florida EIS Released: Now You Can Demand Trail Included in Rail Project

Posted 09/25/14 by Ken Bryan in Building Trails, Taking Action

After many months of waiting, an important moment has finally arrived.

Any Floridian that cares about their state should be interested in what impacts the All Aboard Florida high speed rail project will have on the environment, their community, and the people who live there.

Now is the time to have a close look at what All Aboard Florida is all about, and what it will mean for your community. The Federal Rail Administration has just released the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the project, a study which finds there will be a number of negative environmental, social and mobility impacts.

all-aboard-florida-petition-text.pngRails-to-Trails Conservancy believes that All Aboard Florida could be a great investment in the state - but only if it includes a rail-with-trail component. The inclusion of a multi-use trail in the All Aboard Florida design would improve accessibility to the stations, complement transit-oriented developments, and boost the livability of connecting neighborhoods.

Importantly, it will also mitigate a number of the expected negative impacts of the project, notably increased traffic congestion around stations and a need for more parking, reduction of public open space, and the safety concerns of a high speed rail corridor passing through residential areas.

Have your say in the design of All Aboard Florida by signing our petition calling for the inclusion of a rail-with-trail. We will submit your signatures and comments to the Federal Rail Administration and All Aboard Florida for formal inclusion in the public submissions process.

If All Aboard Florida does not include a trail, the impacts on biking, walking, health and connectivity will be felt in Florida for decades to come.

Raise your voice for Florida trails. Sign the petition and urge All Aboard Florida to include a multi-use trail in their design.


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