Bike Month: It’s for EVERYONE.

Posted 04/27/15 by Katie Harris in Trail Use, Taking Action

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Did you know that May is Bike Month? You better believe it! And regardless of your level of expertise on a bicycle, Bike Month still has something for everyone.

Here are some suggestions for how to celebrate! Where do you fit?


Photo by Dylan Passmore

You’ve never ridden a bike before. Maybe you’re a kid, ready to get those wheels turnin’! Why not start during Bike Month? Or maybe you’re an adult and haven’t yet had the opportunity to learn how to ride. Check in with your local bicycle advocacy organization to see what options and resources are available in your community. In many U.S. cities, Learn-to-Ride programs are helping hundreds of First-Timers (just like you!) get rolling every year. There is no better time than the present!

2Old Pro

You’ve been in the saddle for decades and own bikes older than your kids. You have the expertise and the experience, and now you have the chance to pass on that know-how to others! With humility and understanding, use this Bike Month to respectfully share some of that experience, you Old Pro. Consider reaching out to a neighbor and offering to tune up his or her bike, or take your niece on her first trail ride. Remember, someone taught you the ropes of the bike world long ago. It’s time to pay it forward.

Photo by Steve Remesch


Weekend rides define your on-bike excursions. It’s the only time that you can escape to an area where speeds are slower and the infrastructure suits your needs. You wish that you had better bike infrastructure closer to home so that you could integrate biking into your everyday life. But the way things are designed currently, you don’t feel comfortable, right? I’ve got the perfect Bike Month challenge for you, Enthusiastic-but-Concerned, and you’re going to be great at it. May is your month to become an advocate! Find a local trail group, and find ways to help them with their trail development efforts. Or, contact your local decision-makers and tell them that the current infrastructure doesn’t cut it.

4Spandex Demigod

You’re most comfortable when you’re tucked into the peloton and shrouded in lycra. You’ve ridden with clipless pedals for years, and it’s easier to remember your most effective cadence than your email password. Your challenge this Bike Month is to use your bike for “inconsequential” everyday jaunts (we mean less than 100 miles, FYI), like a trip to the dentist or to check out that new taco stand in your neighborhood. No average speed to maintain. No special shoes. No jargon. Just take a few rides to get where you need to go, and become a divine being of active transportation this May.

West Virginia Rail-Trail Sojourn, April 2015 | Photo courtesy RTC

5Urban Adrenaline Seeker

High-speed traffic and a lack of bike infrastructure don’t seem to be a problem for you. You’re fast, fearless and, okay, secretly the envy of many bystanders who watch you expertly weave around busy streetscapes. You have one of the most important jobs this May, Urban Adrenaline Seeker: Become a trend-setter for bike courtesy on the streets. Slow your speed a bit, be extra conscientious of bike-traffic laws, and keep your eye out for more vulnerable users. Bring compassion into your daily ride during Bike Month, and show everyone that rad bike skills and respectful riding are compatible! People will envy you—and hopefully copy you as well!

6Comeback Kid

Yeah, you rode a bike when you were in college. Didn’t everyone? But that was a while ago, and biking hasn’t even been on your radar for a few years. There may be a bike or two shoved in the back of the garage, behind the holiday lights and the old dollhouse, but you can’t really remember who they belonged to or how rusty the chains are. Let Bike Month be your impetus: Follow our quick tune-up suggestions, and rediscover riding. (Warning: Once you remember the bliss that accompanies a bike ride, you might not ever stop!)

Now, tell us…. What type of biker are you, and how will you be celebrating Bike Month this year?

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