12 More Awesome Rail-Trail Photos You've Probably Never Seen

Posted 11/04/15 by Brian Gerhardstein in America's Trails

A mountain view on Utah's Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail State Park | Photo by suzwein

Last April's blog post titled 19 Awesome Rail-Trail Photos You've Probably Never Seen was so popular that we decided to search the Web for even more unique shots of rail-trails looking their finest! Take a look at what we found ...

1 Norwottuck Rail-Trail

In Massachusetts, the Norwottuck Rail-Trail includes two sections. A 10-mile section—part of the Connecticut River Greenway State Park—takes in a variety of landscapes, from rural farmland to residential neighborhoods and light industrial districts, while a shorter, 4-mile segment serves as a vital commuter route, offering a convenient connection between the residential areas of Florence and downtown Northampton. Learn more ➙

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2 Ashton-Tetonia Trail 

The Ashton-Tetonia Trail extends nearly 30 miles between the towns of Ashton and Tetonia, Idaho, and includes five bridges and restored rail trestles. The gravel pathway is also open to snowmobiles in winter when there is enough snow to groom the trail. Learn more ➙

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3 Ferry County Rail-Trail 

Washington State's 24.8-mile Ferry County Rail-Trail runs north–south from Republic to Wall Street in Danville, at times following the Kettle River. The trail passes the 7-mile-long Curlew Lake toward its southern terminus. Enthusiasts will find both scenic beauty and isolation in this beautiful part of the Northwest. Learn more ➙

4 Sandy Creek Trail

The Sandy Creek Trail carves its way through some of the most remote and spectacular countryside in northwestern Pennsylvania. This 12-mile paved trail has some impressive features, including tunnels and massive trestles like the Belmar Bridge, which crosses the mighty Allegheny River. Learn more ➙

5 Badger State Trail 

The Badger State Trail runs from the Illinois border to the southern neighborhoods of Madison, offering a wide variety of scenery, including farmland, forest, rolling hills and small-town charm—plus the 1,200-foot-long, nearly 120-year-old Stewart Tunnel! Learn more ➙

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6 Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail State Park 

Utah's 28-mile Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail State Park will take you from the streets of Park City through the communities of Wanship and Coalville to Echo Reservoir. With beautiful scenery and ample wildlife—including foxes, bald eagles, herons, moose, deer and beavers—you won't want to miss this RTC Hall of Fame inductee! Learn more ➙

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7 Otago Rail-Trail

New Zealand's treasured Otago Rail-Trail is a 150-kilometer walking, cycling and horse riding track in the South Island of New Zealand. A popular tourist attraction, the trail sees more than 10,000 users per year. Learn more ➙

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8 Bloomingdale Trail (The 606)

The newly opened Bloomingdale Trail—part of “The 606” park system—is a 2.7-mile, elevated rail-trail on Chicago’s northwest side. Built on a former rail line, the trail sits nearly 20 feet above four of the city’s neighborhoods. Learn more ➙

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9 Kettle Valley Rail Trail

Canada's Kettle Valley Rail Trail is located in southern British Columbia in the Okanagan-Boundary region and uses a rail corridor that was originally built for the now-abandoned Kettle Valley Railway. The trail was developed during the 1990s and features 18 trestles in Myra canyon, many of which were restored after a 2003 fire. Learn more ➙

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10 Cape Cod Rail Trail

Looking for an ideal trail experience? Look no further than the Cape Cod Rail Trail, a paved, 22-mile delight that travels through quaint villages, along sandy beaches and past salt marshes, pine forests and cranberry bogs. Learn more ➙

11 Tallulah Falls Rail-Trail 

Georgia's Tallulah Falls Rail-Trail is a short, paved path that weaves through beautiful southern Appalachian forest, crossing a small suspension bridge over the Tallulah River. Learn more ➙

12 Upper Charles Trail

Massachusetts' 11-mile Upper Charles Trail will one day span more than 20 miles. Trail users will find small communities, dense woodlands, parks, lakes and a variety of wildlife along its route. Learn more ➙

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