30 Reasons to Love Trails—Happy Anniversary, RTC!

Posted 02/01/16 by Katie Harris in America's Trails, Trail Use

On the Met Branch Trail in Washington, D.C. | Photo courtesy RTC

Feb. 1 marks RTC’s 30th anniversary—and in honor of the occasion, we asked trail enthusiasts around America to share their top reasons for using and loving trails. Below are just 30 of the great responses we received (in no particular order).

We'll be celebrating our anniversary all year long—our achievements as an organization, the amazing growth of the rail-trail movement over the past 30 years and the bright future before us as we work toward connected trail systems that span entire regions of the country. Check out our interactive timeline and more great stories on our 30th anniversary page.

30 Reasons to Love Trails

"I enjoy the genuine camaraderie when trail users encounter each other!” – Francine

Route of the Hiawatha, Idaho | Photo by Lola Lile

1. Trails connect us with fellow trail users.
2. Trails give us a glimpse into the past.
3. Trails allow us to escape traffic.
4. Trails provide us with places to play!
5. Trails help us keep our resolutions.
6. Trails are places where we can exercise and stay healthy.
7. Trails allow people of ALL ages and abilities safe places to recreate.
8. They allow us to explore our surroundings in a new way.
9. Trails take us to places we’ve never been before.
10. Trails are peaceful.
11. They strengthen local economies.
12. Trails are incredible vacation opportunities.
13. Trails give us places to escape to.
14. Trails let us introduce our children to nature.
15. Trails safely connect us to where we need to go.

“I love trails because they allow my husband who has a disability to ride his bike safely without having to worry about dangerous traffic.” – Carol

D&L Canal Trail, Pennsylvania | Photo by Katie Harris

16. Trails provide some epic scenery.
17. Wildlife abounds!
18. Trails are excellent places for older Americans to stay fit.
19. Trails cultivate community. 
20. Trails get us into nature.
21. Trails provide us a place to be active with people we love.
22. Trails allow us time and space to reflect. 
23. Trails are important resources for beginners.
24. They help us clear our minds.
25. They give us the opportunity to explore new places.
26. Trail lovers are fun people!
27. Our time on trails rejuvenates and re-energizes us!
28. Trails challenge us to do things we’ve never done before.
29. Trails transform communities.
30. Trails make us happy. 

“They are great places to find peace and solitude in this crazy world.” – Ron

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