The Results Are In from Our 2016 Share the Trail Poll!

Posted 09/01/16 by Suzanne Matyas in Trail Use

Eastside Trail, part of the Atlanta BeltLine | Photo by Jim Brown

As RTC wraps up a second summer of our Share the Trail campaign, we wanted to thank everybody who pledged to be unofficial trail ambassadors. It’s been a great 2016 so far. If you haven’t already—be sure to check out (and share!) our fun new “How-To” video series on the Six Golden Rules of safe trail use!

Special thanks to those of you who participated in our Share the Trail polls on social media. We were so pleased to learn about the trail heroes who go the extra mile by kicking sticks out of the way for others, pick up litter and wear extra helmet lights for safe passing. We were also excited to see the poll results, and we have shared them here with you! 

Poll Results

1Should Trails Have Regulated Speed Limits?

As a very mediocre runner, it would be a dream come true if the trail police ever gave me a speeding ticket. There are, however, some pretty swift cyclists and skaters out there—and although just over half of you disagree with having regulated speed limits on trails—the other half think they aren’t such a bad idea.

Whether you’re the Flash, or only wish you were like I do, every trail user should stick to moving at a safe speed to keep from injuring themselves and others!

2Do You Prefer a Bell or Verbal Warning When Being Passed on the Trail?

For whom does the bike bell toll? The majority of you would prefer for it to not ring for anyone! Only 34 percent of poll participants liked the chime of a passing bell; the remainder had ears for a polite, “On your left,” or something else altogether. 

No matter how you get the message across, always be considerate when passing others and be sure to do it on the left.

3What’s Your #1 Reason to Take a Break on the Trail?

Although a few of you mentioned “bathroom break” in side comments, a majority, 36 percent, said your top reason to take a break on the trail was to stop and rest. Coming in neck and neck were: taking a photo (34 percent) and water break (28 percent).

I typically stop to do all three of these during my trail breaks, and judging by the poll results and the amount of amazing trail photos you tag us in on Instagram and Facebook, I bet a bunch of you do the same thing.

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4Should Dog Leashes Be a Requirement on the Trail?

There’s no arguing over the fact that hitting the trails with your pup is a great way for you both to get exercise and some outdoor time. And clearly, by a sweeping show of 77 percent of the overall votes, there’s little disagreement over whether or not Spot or Fido should be leashed when on the trail! Only 23 percent of you did not think it necessary to always keep dogs leashed when pawing the pathways.

5Do You Wear Headphones When You’re Out on the Trail?

What’s the top track for you trail time? Answer: birds, wind and other natural sounds that you cannot hear when wearing headphones. According to our poll results, 74 percent of you do not like having earbuds in when enjoying the trail on foot or wheels.

Although we aren’t against listening to your favorite jams while cruising down the trail, we do encourage everyone to keep the volume low enough to hear any dings, horns or “on your lefts” through your headphones.

6Where Do You Get the Most Information About Local Trail Use Rules?

In an age of options and access to information from nearly everywhere, it was no surprise to learn that most of you get the lowdown on your local trail from online sources. Although trailheads weren’t too far behind with 35 percent of votes, we did learn that only a small group of you get your guidance by word of mouth.

Thanks again for a great summer! And remember, “safe + fun = a great time for everyone!”

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