What's Your New Year's Trail Resolution? (Here are 30 ideas!)

Posted 12/29/17 by Katie Harris in Health and Wellness, Trail Use, America's Trails

North Diversion Trail by William Hofsess

The New Year is upon us! With that said, we’re pleased to bring you this list of 30 resolutions that we hope help inspire you to get out on the trail and get active.

  1. Discover a new trail near my home.
    Pennsylvania's Montour Trail | Photo by Katie Harris
  2. Learn a new trail activity (e.g., in-line skating, horseback riding, cross-country skiing).
  3. Speak out in support of trails in my community.
  4. Extend my weekend trail run by two miles.
  5. Bike a marathon: 26.2 miles!
  6. Pick up one piece of trash every time I visit a trail.
  7. Have a trailside picnic.
  8. Bike as many miles on the trail as I am old.
  9. Go car-free one day per week.
  10. Ride one day in the rain, even if I really don’t want to!
  11. Learn about the wildlife in my area.
  12. Volunteer a few hours with my local trail organization.
  13. Commit to driving without distractions.
  14. Learn how to tune up my bike.
  15. Share my favorite trail with a friend.
  16. Get at least 20 minutes of exercise a day to boost energy and sleep better.
  17. Get daily trail-spiration by following us on Facebook.
  18. Train on a trail to improve my mile run time.
    Photo by Jake Lynch/RTC
  19. Visit one of the Rail-Trail Hall-of-Fame trails.
  20. Sign up for an organized trail run or ride.
  21. Learn how to identify plants along the trail.
  22. Help others share the trail safely.
  23. Advocate for trails in my state.
  24. Bike or walk for all trips less than a mile.
  25. Build up your trail bucket list.
  26. Submit photos of my favorite trails on TrailLink.com.
  27. Ride a trail in a new state.
  28. Do a multi-day bike trip, like RTC’s sojourn.
  29. See what’s around that next bend in the trail.
  30. Support Rails-to-Trails Conservancy to help us build, maintain, defend and connect trail corridors across the nation.


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