Together, building healthy places for healthy people.

Our purpose is to build a diverse and influential movement to create healthy places for healthy people by supporting "active transportation" policies and practices.

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We recommend increased investment in active transportation, with a focus on filling gaps in networks, leveraged by the private value created by the infrastructure, and further driven by performance metrics and integration of health impacts into transportation decisions.

McKelvey Park | Photo by Mark Lehmann


American communities are at a crossroads. Transportation and related land use decisions are central to building healthy places for healthy people. The Partnership for Active Transportation has developed these shared principles to guide our collective and individual work to shape mobility and community design choices facing our society by putting people and places first.

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About The Partnership

We're a broad-based coalition of nonprofit, for-profit and public sector entities working together to create healthier places for healthier people by supporting increased public investment in walking and bicycling as essential modes of transportation.

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