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Vital trail funding is in the crosshairs in Washington. Write your members of Congress now and tell them that trails matter—to you and your community.

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We're creating a nationwide network of trails from former rail lines and connecting corridors to build healthier places for healthier people.

Hear, see and experience the artwork of watercolorist David Paul Cook and other trail videos in the 2017 Green Issue.

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Our vision is that 90 percent of Americans will live within three miles of a trail system by 2020.

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Trails stimulate economic growth, spurring small business and improving quality of life.

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For health, for mobility, for community connections…that’s why we use and love trails.

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We believe that trail networks can deliver smart transportation, strong economic growth, healthy people, a flourishing environment and social equity. Our projects of national significance are regional network-building projects—implemented in partnership with local organizations—that have the power to catalyze the development of trail networks nationwide, creating healthier places for healthier people.

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Louisiana’s Tammany Trace

Louisiana’s Tammany Trace

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Moving the Dial: RTC Celebrates 30 Years of Impact

Moving the Dial: RTC Celebrates 30 Years of Impact

For three decades, we have served as the national voice for trails, establishing a movement and setting the precedent that rail-trails are...

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