Building a broader movement for trails, walking and bicycling

Active transportation—human powered mobility such as walking and bicycling—increases physical activity, provides balanced transportation choices and fosters economically vibrant communities with a high quality of life.

The Partnership for Active Transportation is a unique collaboration of organizations working at the intersection of transportation, public health and community vitality to promote greater investment in safe trail, walking and bicycling networks for all, and to facilitate greater physical activity through active transportation.

The underlying purpose of the Partnership, founded in 2012, is to build a diverse and influential movement to create healthy places for healthy people by supporting active-transportation policies and practices.

RTC manages the coalition to give voice to public health and economic development concerns in transportation decision-making, and to active transportation interests in health and economic decisions.

To learn more, go to the Partnership’s website.

See the Partnership’s federal policy platform, sponsored by RTC, the American Public Health Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, America Walks and LOCUS (real estate developers who support Smart Growth).

If you represent an organization, please consider endorsing the platform.