Transportation Alternatives Program Profile

Washington, D.C.'s Capital Crescent Trail | Photo by Hung Tran hero

Funding History

Distribution of Programmed TE & TA Funds by Category
Cumulative FY 1992 Through FY 2018

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Combined TE/TA Funds by Fiscal Year
— Available   — Apportioned — Obligated   — Rescinded

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State DOT Program Staff

State DOT TA Coordinator
Stephen Rice
DDOT Project Manager
D.C. Dept. of Transportation
55 M Street, SE
Suite 400
Washington, DC 20003
Tel: 202-741-8529
Email: stephen.rice@dc.gov

FHWA Division TA Coordinator
Michael Hicks
TE Program Contact
DC Division
1990 K Street NW
Washington, DC 20006-1103
Tel: 202-219-3536 x3513
Fax: 202-523-0181
Email: Michael.Hicks@dot.gov

State DOT Website: http://ddot.dc.gov/page/transportation-alternatives-program

TA Program Structure, Policies, and Procedures

  • TA program structure: TAP Projects will be selected through a competitive process. The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments is responsible for 50 percent of the funds while the DDOT is responsible for the other 50 percent.
  • Who is eligible to apply: Local Governments, Regional Transportation Authorities, transit agencies, natural resource or public land agencies, school districts, tribal governments, any other local or regional governmental entity with responsibility for oversight of transportation or recreational trails. *DDOT qualifies as a local government entity*
  • Application information: Application can be found online.
  • Application timeline: June 2- Release call for Projects; August 1- Deadline to submit project applications; September 15- Deadline for Project Selection Committee to meet; October 1- Official announcement of selected projects.
  • Application components: Applicant information, Project narrative, Project Sponsor, budget, selection criteria, site map, letter of commitment, ownership of land, Transportation Planning Board Application.
  • Selection criteria: Eligibility, project concept, feasibility, and project readiness.
  • Application tips: Submit all required material on time.
  • Is there an advisory committee?: Yes, a Project Selection Committee.
  • Advisory committee members: N/A
  • Project award minimum: None.
  • Project award maximum: None.
  • Typical local match: N/A
  • Matching policies:
  • Once your project is funded: If projects are unable to being the implementation process (payment of the first invoice) within one year of obligation, they risk having their funding de-obligated and reassign to other TAP project.