Transportation Alternatives Program Profile

Kansas' Prairie Spirit Trail State Park | Photo by TrailLink user timwri

Funding History

Distribution of Programmed TE & TA Funds by Category
Cumulative FY 1992 Through FY 2018

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Combined TE/TA Funds by Fiscal Year
— Available   — Apportioned — Obligated   — Rescinded

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State DOT Program Staff

State DOT TA Coordinator
Matt Messina
Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator
Kansas Dept. of Transportation
Eisenhower State Office Building
700 SW Harrison, 2nd Floor Tower
Topeka, KS 66603-3754
Tel: 785-296-7448
Email: matthew.messina@ks.gov

FHWA Division TA Coordinator
David LaRoche
TE Program Contact
KS Division
6111 SW 29th Street
Topeka, KS 66614-4271
Tel: 785-228-2544
Fax: 785-267-7281
Email: david.laroche@dot.gov

State DOT Website: http://www.ksdot.org/bureaus/burtransplan/TransAlt.asp

TA Program Structure, Policies, and Procedures

  • TA program structure: The Program is run through the KDOT. The Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) and Wichita Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (WAMPO) will facilitate an independent competitive selection process for projects eligible under TAP. The MARC website located here online and the WAMPO website located here online.
  • Who is eligible to apply: state agencies, counties, cities, other political subdivisions.
  • Application information: The application form is located online.
  • Application timeline: Applications accepted on a yearly basis.
  • Application components: Application form, clear statement indication the surface transportation link, budget, local project sponsor, demonstrate financial feasibility, identify work phases for funding, details of proposed work, cost estimates, site map, short and long-term plans/maintenance, photos/sketches, historical significance (if applicable), safety concerns (if applicable), legal impediments, project administration, documentation of community support, and supporting exhibits.
  • Selection criteria: If the project enhances quality or usefulness of existing facilities or services, if the project will benefit a relatively large percentage of a community, if projects will contribute to a wide geographic distribution, if the project is consistent with local or regional transportation plans, if the project has support of local community/local government agencies/not-for-profit organizations, the extent to which the project will enhance quality of experience of users, and projects that serve more than one of the eligibility factors.
  • Application tips: There must be two complete sets of the application for submitting.
  • Is there an advisory committee?: Yes, a Program Review Committee.
  • Advisory committee members: Deputy Secretary and State Transportation Engineer and KDOTs Directors of Engineering and Design, Operations, and Planning and Development divisions.
  • Project award minimum: None.
  • Project award maximum: None.
  • Typical local match: 20%
  • Matching policies:
  • Once your project is funded: Projects will be a state let project and administered by the KDOTs Bureau of Local Projects.