Transportation Alternatives Program Profile

Minnesota's Paul Bunyan State Trail | Photo by TrailLink user gladbrook33

Funding History

Distribution of Programmed TE & TA Funds by Category
Cumulative FY 1992 Through FY 2018

Chart Legend

Combined TE/TA Funds by Fiscal Year
— Available   — Apportioned — Obligated   — Rescinded

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State DOT Program Staff

State DOT TA Coordinator
Karen Scheffing
Minnesota Dept. of Transportation
395 John Ireland Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55155
Tel: 651-366-3759
Email: Karen.scheffing@state.mn.us 

FHWA Division TA Coordinator
Bobbi Retzlaff
FHWA - MN Division
180 E Fifth Street, Suite 930
St. Paul, MN 55101
Tel: 651-291-6125
Email: roberta.retzlaff@dot.gov

State DOT Website: http://www.dot.state.mn.us/ta/

TA Program Structure, Policies, and Procedures

  • Application timeline: Applications open on 10/1/22 and close on 11/1/2022 and 1/14/2023. Please see website for more information.
  • TA program structure: The Transportation Alternatives Solicitation is a competitive grant opportunity for local communities and regional agencies to fund projects for pedestrian and bicycle facilities, historic preservation, Safe Routes to School and more. Minnesota will be soliciting projects for approximately $6.2 million in available grant funding across the state where the total is sub-targeted to the seven area transportation partnerships.
  • Application tips: In order to be eligible, applicants must first complete a letter of intent
  • Who is eligible to apply: Local government, regional transportation authorities, transit agencies, natural resource or public land agencies, school districts, non-profit partners, and tribal governments
  • Application components: Project sponsor, ability to provide match, TA project eligibility, inclusion in active transportation plan, MPO project evaluation (if applicable), project description and implementation plan, cost estimate, project maintenance plan, application checklist
  • Project award minimum: $100,000
  • Project award maximum: $1,000,000
  • Match requirement: 20%

More information on Minnesota DOT's Transportation Alternatives program can be found here.