Transportation Alternatives Program Profile

Pennsylvania's Heritage Rail Trail County Park | Photo by TrailLink user jmcginnis12

Funding History

Distribution of Programmed TE & TA Funds by Category
Cumulative FY 1992 Through FY 2018

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Combined TE/TA Funds by Fiscal Year
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State DOT Program Staff

State DOT TA Coordinator
Chris Metka
Transportation Alternatives and Safe Routes To School Coordinator
Center for Program Development and Management
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
400 North Street
6th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17120
Tel: 717-787-8065
Fax: 717-787-5247

FHWA Division TA Coordinator
Jennifer Crobak
TE Program Contact
PA Division
228 Walnut St
Room 508
Harrisburg, PA 17101-1720
Tel: (717) 221-3440

Keith Lynch
TE Program Contact
PA Division
228 Walnut St
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Tel: 717-221-4545
Fax: 717-221-2276

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TA Program Structure, Policies, and Procedures

  • TA program structure: The MPO is responsible for awarding their suballocation to projects within their MPO boundaries through a competitive selection process. PennDOTs Central Office will conduct a statewide call for applications for both areas with populations of 5,001200,000 and other areas with populations <= 5,000 PennDOTs Central Office will conduct a statewide call for applications from all Planning Regions to administer this funding. The competitive application round for these funds would be open to eligible sponsors across the state including large MPOs. PennDOT is advancing a ""certified invoice"" process whereby project sponsors, upon receipt of invoices for project activities, certify their accuracy and forward them to PennDOT for payment processing. Upon receipt of a check from PennDOT (usually 4-6 weeks), the sponsor pays the contractor within ten days after getting reimbursed from PennDOT. By using this process, the project sponsor does not normally have to use its own funds.
  • Who is eligible to apply: Local governments, regional transportation authorities, transit agencies, natural resource or public land agencies, school districts, local education agencies, schools, and tribal governments.
  • Application information: The TAP Application form, TAP Program Guidance, and additional information is available online.
  • Application timeline: Open February 4, 2014 through April 4, 2014.
  • Application components: Sponsor data, eligible activities, project narrative, location, public involvement, planning and design considerations, project right of way, budget, environmental considerations, project maintenance, and project administration.
  • Selection criteria: PennDOT will place emphasis on projects that will be ready for construction by September 30, 2016. Projects with complex right-of-way, utility, environmental, public support or other issues that would add cost or delay delivery will score lower and are less likely to be selected. Another key criterion in the review of applications will be reasonableness of cost.
  • Application tips:
  • Is there an advisory committee?: Statewide Selection Committee
  • Advisory committee members: Jacquie Turk (PennDOT - Operations and Maintenance) Jackie Koons-Felion (PennDOT - Program Center) Brian Shunk (PennDOT - Project Delivery) Dan Stewart (PennDOT - Project Delivery) Lucas Silks (PennDOT - Program Center/Municipal Services) Chris Metka (PennDOT - Program Center) Kathryn Tartaglia (PennDOT - Policy Office) Steve Panko (PennDOT - Public Transit) Russ Alves (Pennsylvania Department of Education) Diane Kripas/Vanyla Tierney (DCNR)
  • Project award minimum: None.
  • Project award maximum: None.
  • Typical local match: N/A
  • Matching policies: For all TAP projects in Pennsylvania, PennDOT will fund the construction phase of the TAP project at 100% Federal, utilizing a 20% toll credit match. Any pre-construction work is considered the applicant's "match."
  • Once your project is funded: Projects must begin before September 2016.