Transportation Alternatives Program Profile

Texas' Brays Bayou Greenway Trail in Hermann Park | Courtesy Bob Bohmer Photography

Funding History

Distribution of Programmed TE & TA Funds by Category
Cumulative FY 1992 Through FY 2018

Chart Legend

Combined TE/TA Funds by Fiscal Year
— Available   — Apportioned — Obligated   — Rescinded

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State DOT Program Staff

State DOT TA Coordinator
Phillip Tindall
Texas Department of Transportation
125 E. 11th Street
Austin, TX 78701-2483
Tel: (512) 486‐5972
Email: Phillip.Tindall@txdot.gov

FHWA Division TA Coordinator
Genevieve E. Bales
FHWA - TX Division
300 East 8th St Room 826
Austin, TX 78701
Tel: 512-536-5941
Email: genevieve.bales@dot.gov

State DOT Website: http://www.txdot.gov/inside-txdot/division/public-transportation/local-assistance.html

TA Program Structure, Policies, and Procedures

  • Application timeline: Applications open in Oct. 2022. Please see website for more information.
  • TA program structure: TxDOT's Public Transportation Division administers federal funding programs, including Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) funds relating to TxDOT’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Program
  • Application tips: The call for Projects features a two-step application process. The Preliminary Application (Step 1) provides high-level proposed project information to determine eligibility and funding opportunities. Following successful completion of Step 1, a Detailed Application (Step 2) provides more comprehensive project information. This two-step approach is intended to enhance the quality of project applications and to foster communication between prospective project sponsors and TxDOT District staff. Both steps must be completed in order for a project to be considered for funding
  • Who is eligible to apply: Local governments, regional transportation authorities, transit agencies, natural resources or public lands agencies, schools, tribal governments, nonprofits and any other local or regional governmental entity with responsibility for oversight of transportation or recreational trails.
  • Application components: Project sponsor information, population area and location, project description, project type, eligibility, cost estimates 
  • Selection criteria: Safety, project readiness, geographic equity, connectivity and accessibility, community support and planning, demand 
  • Is there an advisory committee?: Yes
  • Advisory committee members: TxDOT evaluation committee
  • Project award minimum: None
  • Project award maximum: None
  • Match requirement: 20%; in-kind contributions are not permitted

More information on TxDOT's TA program can be found here.