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Ohio’s Camp Chase Trail | Photo by Jay LaPrete/AP Images

Be a Part of the Movement to Complete the Great American Rail-Trail

50 million people withiin 50 miles of the Great American Rail-Trail

This is America’s trail. It will take all of us working together through advocacy, volunteerism, and fundraising to make it a reality. We need to make our voices heard in our communities, our states and at the federal level, sharing our enthusiasm for the Great American Rail-Trail. Join RTC as we work with hundreds of partners across the country to connect these trails and complete this vision.

Together, we can bring the Great American Rail-Trail to life.

The Great American Rail-Trail won’t be completed overnight, and it won’t be completed without the help of trail lovers across the country. 

“[The Great American Rail-Trail] speaks to people in lots of different ways, and at a time when people are looking for and craving more connections to each other and to the places they live.”

—Liz Thorstensen, RTC Vice President of Trail Development, Rails to Trails Magazine, Spring/Summer 2019

Support the Great American Rail-Trail

The Great American Rail-Trail will stand alongside our country’s iconic landmarks as a national treasure. You can help by making a gift to RTC, supporting the national leadership and on-the-ground support—the work to organize people, plans and ideas; trail planning and community engagement; the advocacy and marketing that is necessary to completing the Great American Rail-Trail.


Support the Trails That Make the Great American Possible

Great American Rail-Trail 2023 Infographic - 12 states traversed and District of Columbia
Great American Rail-Trail 2023 Infographic - 3700 total miles and 2057 existing trail miles
Great American Rail-Trail 2023 Infographic - 150 existing trails hosting route and 80 trail gaps

The Great American Rail-Trail would not be possible without 150+ existing trails across the country that host the preferred route between Washington, D.C., and Washington State.

Ensuring these trails continue to thrive requires ongoing support from state and local officials, participation from local volunteers and funding support through individual donations.

Shop Great American Rail-Trail Gear

Great American Rail-Trail gear promo | Photo by Albert Ting and graphic by RTC
Photo by Albert Ting, graphic by RTC

Shop Great American Rail-Trail gear including a jersey, t-shirt, socks and gaiter to celebrate the trail connecting the country.