A new Congress will tackle a new transportation bill in 2015—and critical funding for walking, biking and trail programs are on the line. Will lawmakers continue to attack and slash federal support for trails? Or will Congress make balanced, sensible investments in trails and active transportation networks that are key to our transportation future?

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Be a part of our movement! Help us ensure a better future for America made possible by trails and the connections they inspire. Your support will help us to build, maintain, defend and connect trails and trail corridors across the country.

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Make a personal commitment to walk and bike more, and drive less, and add your name to the growing list of people pledging to be more active in their transportation choices. Make your voice heard. Shape the future of your community.

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The Florida CampaignGet Involved in the Florida Campaign

2014 is a critical year for Florida trails. Over the coming months, we are targeting seven key projects and initiatives that could make or break the future of trails in the state. And we need your voice!

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Download resources about your state's Transportation Enhancements, Safe Routes to School and Recreational Trails Program spending, and then take these to your elected officials to demonstrate the importance of these federal programs to your community!

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Write a LetterInform Your Community

Is there a trail project where you live? Your local paper is a great place to educate your community on the proven benefits of trails. We have compiled a resource page of facts, talking points and real-life examples to help you write a powerful letter to the editor or opinion piece.

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