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Supporting Trail Builders

North Bend Rail-Trail | Photo courtesy West Virginia State Parks

We support trail builders from coast to coast in creating and connecting vibrant public spaces—to engage, to inspire, to empower communities. Our expertise—and nationally renowned network of trail advocates, leaders, builders and voices—are changing the fabric of the American landscape, taking safe walking and bicycling routes from vision to reality.

Here’s how we bring trail networks to life.

TrailNation Collaborative

2018 TrailNation Summit | Photo courtesy RTC
2018 TrailNation Summit | Photo courtesy RTC

The TrailNation™ Collaborative is where America’s trail builders and champions come together with public leaders and professionals to accelerate the pace of trail network development.

Strategies from Our Playbook

TrailNation Playbook curates case studies, best practices and tools to accelerate trail network development—with a focus on prioritizing equitable approaches that ensure trails and their benefits are experienced by everyone in a community.

Early Warning System

A service of our TrailNation Collaborative, RTC notifies community activists and officials of impending rail abandonments—for potential transformation into a trail.

Trail Grants Program

Since 2008, RTC has provided nearly $3 million in grant funding to more than 225 organizations.

Najari Smith, Rich City Rides | Video still courtesy RTC

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Trail-Building Toolbox

Trail-Building Animation of railroad track removal

Get all the basics for creating a vibrant trail in your community, including technical tips and tried-and-true methods for generating neighborhood, political and funding support for your project.

Explore Our Resource Library

Ludlam Trail | Photo courtesy FECI
Ludlam Trail | Photo courtesy FECI

Check out our cutting-edge collection resources—including the latest research, articles and case studies covering topics from across the movement.

Woman on webinar - Photo courtesy Getty Images

RTC produces a free webinar series designed to help trail professionals build, grow, manage, maintain, promote or otherwise support trails and trail networks.

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BikeAble graphic by RTC

BikeAble™ is a customizable tool for exploring and analyzing community connectivity.

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Stories about Building Trails

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