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With a federal infrastructure bill in play for 2018, and a renewal of federal transportation legislation only two years away, now is the time to advocate for trails.

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Active transportation—human powered mobility such as walking and bicycling—increases physical activity, provides balanced transportation choices and fosters economically vibrant communities with a high quality of life.

A Message to President Trump and Congress

It's 2018, and talk of an infrastructure bill is heating up—in Congress and at the White House. But will it include funding for trails, walking and biking?

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Active Transportation Policy Hub

There are many ways to fund active transportation—trails, biking and walking—at the state level. Creativity and strong partnerships are central to an effective funding strategy. Rails-to-Trails Conservancy’s Active Transportation Policy Hub is a search tool to empower transportation advocates, legislators, government officials and their staff with information and examples of effective funding models that can be replicated to secure the investments they need locally. Explore the Hub.


Tools and Information to Help You Make a Difference

Trail policy can be a complicated business. Below are a set of tools and resources to assist novices and seasoned trail advocates in developing more mobile communities and communicating the real benefits—for health, economic and social development, and the environment—made possible by bike/ped infrastructure and programs.

Policy Basics

Did you know? Trails, and walking and biking facilities compete with a wide variety of other transportation projects for a limited amount of funds. 

Partnership for Active Transportation

A unique coalition—working at the intersection of transportation, public health and community vitality—to promote greater investment in active-transportation policies and programs at the federal and state level.

Active Transportation for America

Active-transportation has a tremendous impact on communities. By measuring the benefits, we can make a compelling case for further investment in America.

Building an Active-Transportation System

From funding to planning to design, building a system of integrated active-transportation facilities involves many steps and many challenges.

Transportation Alternatives Data

Understand the ins and outs of the federal Transportation Alternatives (TA) program, and learn how to apply for funding.

Story Bank

Our story bank collection demonstrates how trails, walking and biking are making a real impact in communities across the nation. 

Build Active Transportation Networks with Federal Financing

New reforms to a federal financing program can help communities more quickly complete their trail, biking and walking networks. Is this program the right financing tool for your active-transportation network? Read more to find out.

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