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Evolution of a Michigan Trail

The completed 42-mile Fred Meijer Clinton-Ionia-Shiawassee Trail, which includes nine bridges and trestles, will showcase the Maple and Grand rivers, fertile farm fields, woodlands and five quaint communities conveniently spaced 8 to 10 miles apart along its length.

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We transform unused rail corridors into vibrant public spaces that engage, inspire and empower communities from coast to coast.

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T-MAP (Trail Modeling and Assessment Platform)

RTC is leading a national, three-year effort to create the next generation of urban trail planning tools that will transform the way America thinks about—and develops—trails and trail networks. T-MAP will be fundamental for connecting people, places and neighborhoods, spurring connections that turn walking and biking into mainstream modes of travel. 

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Recent Stories from Our Trail-Building Blog

Goat Maintenance: The Kids Are Hungry in Red Mountain Park

Acres and acres of overgrown thickets of invasive plants: It is a land manager’s worst nightmare, but a goat’s ultimate dream. It’s time these two were introduced.

What Could Be: Visionary Thinking Builds the B&O Trail

When Diana Virgil, president of the B&O Trail Association, first started on the B&O Trail in Indiana back in 1992, she had a clear vision of what could be. But, like many big thinkers, she was a little before her time, and resistance to her trail vision was standard.

Help Defend Trails from Attacks in Congress

Right now, elected officials in Washington, D.C., are considering slashing funding support for trails, biking and walking. Raise your voice for trails! Tell President Barack Obama and U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx that trails are essential to life in your state.

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