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Rail-Trails Honoring America’s Veterans
November 09, 2017
In recognition of Veterans Day, we’ve highlighted three rail-trails that offer quiet, reflective places to honor and remember our country’s servicemen and women.
Eldorado Bicycle and Walking Path in Illinois | Photo by Gary Wilhelm
Colorado’s Animas River Trail
November 08, 2017
For walkers and bicyclists along the town’s scenic Animas River Trail, the white-and-gray plumes of steam rising from the old locomotives and the echo of train whistles are common sights and sounds.
Animas River Trail | Photo by Cindy BarksAnimas River Trail | Photo by Cindy Barks
Landmark and Legacy: Nebraska’s Chief Standing Bear Trail
November 01, 2017
The 22.9-mile Chief Standing Bear Trail helps memorialize the 1877 walk of the Ponca Tribe back to their homeland, led by Chief Standing Bear and known as the Ponca Trail of Tears.
Blue Springs trailhead, Chief Standing Bear Trail, Nebraska | Photo by Don Rice
Ohio’s Simon Kenton Trail
October 13, 2017
Western Ohio’s Simon Kenton Trail offers the perfect opportunity for today’s travelers to do their own exploring of the state’s scenic woodlands and rural landscapes on a 35-mile adventure stretching from Springfield to Bellefontaine.
View of Simon Kenton Trail bridge from Buck Creek Trail | Photo by Louis Agresta
A View From … New England in Autumn
October 13, 2017
Fall comes later to the states farther south—Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island—generally arriving in mid-October and lasting to early November.
Missisquoi Valley Rail-Trail in Vermont | Photo by Dennis Coello
Nebraska’s Cowboy Recreation and Nature Trail
September 12, 2017
Nebraska’s Cowboy Recreation and Nature Trail offers an authentic Old West experience, small towns and picturesque landscapes.
The Cowboy Trail's spectacular crossing of the Niobrara River near Valentine | Photo by Eric Foster
Nine Great Birding Rail-Trails to Crow About
May 15, 2017
Whether you’re an avian aficionado, ornithologist, fan of fowl or simply a person who enjoys the subtle sight of a feather stretching across the wind, you’ll want to check out these nine great birding trails!
Trails are a great place to spy a variety of beautiful birds, including the bald eagle! | Photo courtesy Boyd Dwyer | CC BY-SA 2.0
Accessible Trail Adventures for People of All Abilities
May 15, 2017
Sometimes, it can be hard to imagine how to plan a successful adventure for your family with special needs. But when the trips are successful, the exercise and shared enjoyment that trails offer can be incredibly powerful and restorative!
Biking with Margot on the Schuylkill River Trail in Pennsylvania | Photo courtesy Dr. Peter Doehring
California’s Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail
May 12, 2017
The Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail: 18 miles of smooth, paved trail ringside to California’s stunning Monterey Bay
Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail | Photo by Elizabeth Bean Photography