Celebrate Trails Day Partners


W&OD Trail celebration in 2019 | Photo by Anthony Le

Since 2013, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) has teamed up with hundreds of partners—trail groups, agencies, nonprofits, businesses, brands, clubs and every other type of organization in between—to inspire tens of thousands of people to get outside and celebrate their local trails.

We hope your organization will join us in making this year’s Celebrate Trails Day even bigger and better by becoming a partner! If you're interested in getting involved, please sign up to become a partner and receive more information about the celebration. By signing up as a partner, you'll receive important updates about Celebrate Trails Day, including reminders, resources and an opportunity to request materials and giveaways for your celebration.

Watch Our Partner Webinar To Prepare


Below are partner tools to help you promote your Celebrate Trails Day involvement including the official logo, customizable templates and promotional graphics. Please continue to check this space for updates and new materials.

Please note that by using any of the materials in this toolkit, you are agreeing to the following: Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) has created an umbrella campaign for the purpose of uniting and promoting a national Celebrate Trails Day. Celebrate Trails Day is comprised of individual events that are hosted and managed by independent third parties. Use of the banner or the Celebrate Trails Day logo does not create any relationship between the organizer and Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. Each organizer, host, sponsor, promoter is responsible for their own event including all logistics, life safety considerations and insurance coverage. RTC has provided a sample liability waiver third parties may customize for their particular event.

Tap the image to download a high resolution logo.

Celebrate Trails Day 2023 logo green
Celebrate Trails Day 2023 logo green
Celebrate Trails Day 2023 logo black
Celebrate Trails Day 2023 logo black
Celebrate Trails Day 2023 logo white on green background
Celebrate Trails Day 2023 logo white on green background

Customizable Templates

Tap the button below to access sample social media posts, email templates and a press release that you can customize.


Promotional Graphics

Below are graphics you can use that include social media graphics and banners. Tap image to download a zip file that includes multiple sizes of the image.

Create Your Own Selfie Frame

CTD Selfie Sign

Use the PDF to get your own Celebrate Trails Day selfie frame printed!

Send the PDF to a specialty printer with the following instructions. Costs will vary based on printers.

  • Download the selfie frame PDF (designed for a 36" x 24" sheet)
  • Send the PDF to your professional print vendor of choice,
  • Ask the print vendor to mount and cut on foam-core or equivalent (for example, "Gatorboard")
  • Let the printer vendor know the pink cut line is its own layer; it should be easy to remove by the printer/vendor.
Celebrate Trails Day logo

Celebrate Trails Day

Hosted on the fourth Saturday of April, Celebrate Trails Day is an annual spring celebration of America’s trails. Started by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy in 2013, the celebration encourages people all across the country to get outside and enjoy the nation’s exceptional trails and trail systems.

Esperamos que se una a nosotros para disfrutar Celebrate Trails Day: ¡la celebración de primavera de Rails-to-Trails Conservancy de los senderos de Estados Unidos! Esta celebración, que se inició en 2013, se lleva a cabo el cuarto sábado de cada abril, y anima a todos a salir y disfrutar de los senderos. Prepárese mediante la revisión de ideas, consejos y recursos para experimentar los senderos.