Tip #4

Mind Your Pets.

Make sure your four-legged friends are great trail ambassadors!

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Gold Standard: Why Is It Important?

Pets love the trail just as much as their owners. But not all trail users know how to act around our furry companions, and vice versa. (Some pets get more excited than others around strangers.) As the owner, setting ground rules, keeping your pets secure and managing their behavior is incredibly important to reduce uncomfortable run-ins and avoid collisions.

Gold Challenge: What Can You Do?

Plan accordingly when you're taking your favorite furry friend out on the trail.

On a short leash: While not all trails require dogs to be leashed, most do. By keeping your dog on a leash—and close by—you can help ensure both Fido and your fellow trail users are having fun. Keep the leash short so you do not “clothesline” other trail users.

Commanding behavior: Know how your pet reacts to others, and be prepared to manage their energy! The trail is a friendly, welcoming place, and a well-behaved dog fits into that equation quite nicely!

The scoop: It’s always important to pick up after your pet. (Carry a waste disposal bag every time you hit the trail.) Pitch in to keep the trail clean and safe for all.

Happy horses: When approaching people on horseback, tighten up your dog’s leash, and keep him or her close. Have your dog sit and stay while you strike up a conversation with the rider. This lets the rider know that your dog is under control. It’s a small, respectful action, but it makes all the difference for the horses. Step to the downhill side of the trail, and let the horses pass. And when in doubt, the rider can talk you through how to pass the horses with your pet.

Want more info? Read about pet management in our TrailBlog: Trails: They’re More Fun With Fido!

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