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Here Are Six Reasons Rails-to-Trails Is Celebrating This Year
December 10, 2021
A year of positive momentum. That’s how we'd describe 2021, which—despite many challenges and much uncertainty—still came with so much hope and progress for trails and those who made them happen.
White River State Trail, part of the Route of the Badger trail network | Photo by TrailLink user lkgatu
Top 10 Trails in Nevada
December 09, 2021
Trails in Nevada provide opportunities to easily navigate through the urban footprint ultimately finding peace in the wide-open spaces.
Nevada's Historic Railroad Trail | Photo by Traillink User gayinspandex
Utah’s Jordan River Parkway Trail
December 06, 2021
The Jordan River Parkway Trail cuts a nearly 50-mile path through Utah’s most densely populated region, traversing portions of Salt Lake City.
Jordan River Parkway Trail | Photo by TrailLink user trailrider622
Top 10 Trails in Washington, DC
December 02, 2021
D.C. has a lot treasures to discover—not least of which are its rail-trails and multiuse pathways, which provide linkages, large and small, to many of the communities.
Washington, D.C.'s Metropolitan Branch Trail | Photo by India Kea
Top 10 Trails in Massachusetts
December 02, 2021
Massachusetts is teeming with rail-trails and railroad history. Its 93 multiuse trails totaling 461 miles draw visitors to every corner of the state.
Massachusetts' Mass Central Rail Trail | Milo Bateman
Top 10 Trails in Kentucky
November 18, 2021
Trails in Kentucky offer an incredible diversity of experiences from the rolling green pastures of Kentucky horse country to mountain hollows.
Kentucky's Big Four Bridge | Photo by TrailLink user karenestepp
Top 10 Trails In South Dakota
November 12, 2021
Several of the South Dakota's best-known attractions also happen to be some of the nation’s most iconic images and trails in South Dakota.
South Dakota's George S. Mickelson Trail | Photo by Keith Laughlin
Ohio’s Camp Chase Trail
November 10, 2021
Ohio’s Camp Chase Trail is a 16-mile pathway traversing bountiful farmlands, calming countryside and invigorating city scenes.
Ohio's Camp Chase Trail | Photo by TrailLink user jodydzuranin
Top 10 Trails in Iowa
November 05, 2021
Trails in Iowa offer more than 900 miles of trail built along former railroad corridors, a result of its long history of trail leadership.
Iowa's High Trestle Trail | Photo by TrailLink user dj123_45
Top 10 Trails in Nebraska
October 27, 2021
Whether the conditions are challenging, or you luck out and hit these trails in Nebraska on a pleasant day, they’re worth checking out!
Nebraska's Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge | Photo courtesy Visit Omaha