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Focus Term: Connected Systems

A View From … The Industrial Heartland Trails Network
September 13, 2016
The developing Industrial Heartland Trails Network is a collection of nearly three dozen pathways featuring scenic wilderness, dramatic railroad tunnels and trestles, welcoming trail towns and historical sites from the birthplace of America’s Industrial Revolution.
Ohio and Erie Canalway Towpath Trail under the I-80 overpass in Summit County, Ohio | Photo by Bob Callebert
Trail of Tributes: September 11 Memorial Trail Honors America’s Fallen Heroes
September 08, 2016
The September 11th National Memorial Trail (NMT) is a multi-use circuit born of many different kinds of connections—among trail advocates, communities, existing trails and even moments in history.
Inaugural September 11th National Memorial Trail Alliance ride, Liberty State Park, Sept. 10, 2015 | Photo by Gail Zavian
10 More Game-Changing Rail-Trails
June 10, 2016
Here are 10 more game-changing rail-trails (in no particular order) that have had an impact, as destinations, recreation magnets, economic drivers or transportation connectors, in the U.S.
Martin Olav Sabo Bridge over Hiawatha Avenue along the Midtown Greenway in Minnesota | Photo courtesy Tony Webster | CC by 2.0
Discover the Trans Canada Trail
October 29, 2015
As one of the world’s longest networks of multiuse trails, the Trans Canada Trail connects nearly 500 individual trails across the country, building a magnificent piece of Canadian heritage.
Trans Canada Trail | Photo by Sean Marshall | CC by 2.0
Florida’s Sanibel Island Shared-Use Paths
June 15, 2015
Sun, sea, and sandy beaches: Florida’s Sanibel Island is a summer sanctuary. Better yet, the island’s extensive shared-use path system—totaling 24 paved miles—provides access to it all.
Sanibel Island beach | Photo by Robert Styppa
Nebraska’s MoPac Trail East and West
May 12, 2015
One of the cornerstones of Lincoln’s network, the MoPac Trail (consisting of the seamlessly connected West and East segments) begins at the University of Nebraska campus in the heart of the city and stretches eastward 27 miles, just shy of Omaha’s doorstep.
Mopac Trail West | Photo courtesy Market to Market Relay
Nevada’s Lower Las Vegas Wash Trail
April 10, 2015
Already in place is the 13.4-mile Lower Las Vegas Wash Trail, which comprises the trail network’s eastern arc and is always a sure bet with beautiful parks, desert landscapes and vistas of the rugged mountains that ring the valley.
Photo by Scott Hagan | Courtesy Clark County, Nevada
West Virginia’s Mon River Trails
February 11, 2015
Both the Caperton and the pair of Mon River Trails on either side of Morgantown follow a branch of the Baltimore and Ohio (B&O) Railroad, which primarily carried coal, coke, sand and limestone between the mines of Fairmont and the industrial city of Pittsburgh.
Photo by Steve Shaluta, courtesy Mon River Trails Conservancy
The Road to a Thousand Wonders
September 12, 2013
The railroad used to wind through the canyon as part of the Southern Pacific Railroad's California-Oregon line, which was marketed in the early 1900s as "The Road to a Thousand Wonders."
Sundial Bridge | Photo by Beth Young, CC by 2.0