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Focus Term: Environment

Best Of: Summer Boardwalks and Pathways
June 03, 2024
Highlighted are just a few summer boardwalks and pathways from across the country to explore as the weather warms up.
Florida's Miami Beach Beachwalk | Photo by Golden Dusk Photography, courtesy City of Miami Beach
Feed and Grain On Heart of Ohio Trail Preserves Centerburg’s Agricultural Legacy
May 06, 2024
The arrival of the Cleveland, Akron and Columbus Railroad in Centerburg in 1873 brought many business opportunities for this Ohio community.
Heart of Ohio Trail and Centerburg Mill in 2016 | Photo by Gloria Parsisson
Along the Heartland Trail in Ohio, You can Glimpse a 38-Million-Year-Old Geological Feature
May 06, 2024
Along Heartland Trail in Marshallville, sedimentary rocks are Mississippian & Pennsylvanian subperiod strata from the Carboniferous Period.
Image of the geological unconformity published in 1921 by the Ohio Geological Survey. The photo was likely taken along the right-of-way of the Cleveland, Zanesville and Cincinnati Railroad shortly after its completion in 1854.
Elements of Gold: Michigan’s Pere Marquette Rail-Trail Is a Special Place for All Seasons
April 08, 2024
The Pere Marquette Rail-Trail is like a gold standard for the quality of the trail and the upkeep and something people can enjoy all the time.
The Tridge along the 30-mile Pere Marquette Rail Trail in Michigan | Photo by Cory Matteson
WEBINAR- Trails and Climate Change: Disaster Recovery
March 26, 2024
Join RTC as we explore how trails around the country are recovering from Climate Change and disaster recovery.
Trails and Resilience: Review of the Role of Trails in Climate Resilience and Emergency Response
May 01, 2023
This white paper explores existing research, highlights project examples, and identifies research gaps for trails in connection to climate resilience, emergency response, and public health emergencies.
Five Leaf-Peeping Destinations Along the Great American Rail-Tail
October 26, 2022
View five leaf-peeping destinations along the Great American Rail-Tail, a 3,700-mile developing cross country trail.
Washington's Olympic Discovery Trail | Photo by TrailLink user stevelee73
Trails Forecast: Resiliency and Repair
February 21, 2020
As natural disasters such as floods and tornados continue to increase across the country, trail managers are recognizing the need for new solutions to help mitigate the economic, environmental and infrastructural impacts and ensure long-term resiliency in their communities.