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Focus Term: Events/Programming/Marketing

The Impact of Trails for People, Places and the Planet Centerpiece of Nationwide Celebration
May 14, 2024
RTC calls on Americans to walk, bike and be active outside in a demonstration of the transformative benefits of trails.
Celebrate Trails Day at REI Co-op’s Flagship Store in Washington, DC | Photo courtesy Brandi Horton
Five Years Of Progress On Great American Rail-Trail Elevates National Impact Of Active Transportation Infrastructure
May 08, 2024
RTC marked 5th anniversary of the Great American Rail-Trail alongside Warrior Expeditions, REI Co-op, members of Congress and state officials.
Warrior Expeditions bike ride to commemorate 5th anniversary of Great American Rail-Trail | Photo by Mariah Miranda Photography
Trails Creating Community in the Outdoors
April 02, 2024
Join RTC, Latino Outdoors and the REI Co-op for a webinar about how your time on the trail can creating community in the outdoors.
People jogging together on a trail in Baltimore, Maryland | Photo by Allison Abruscato
WEBINAR – Celebrate Trails Day: An Overview of the Celebration + Ways to Engage
January 09, 2024
An overview of Celebrate Trails Day; share ways to get involved; go over the tools and materials we’ll provide to help you plan, promote and participate in the celebration.
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy to Showcase Regional Impact of Great American Rail-Trail Over Three Days of Trail Riding and Events in Quad Cities Area
September 13, 2023
Shevonne Travers on the Hennepin Canal State Trail | Photo by Patrick Travers
WEBINAR – TrailNation Playbook in Action: Creating Engagement Moments that Accelerate Your Trail Network
June 28, 2023
Explore the different ways that communities across the country have leveraged existing moments and new opportunities to engage their residents
New Signage Program Celebrates History Along the Great American Rail-Trail
January 26, 2023
RTC and William G. Pomeroy Foundation launch program to lift hidden histories and points of local pride on route of Great American Rail-Trail
Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, part of the Great American Rail-Trail | Photo courtesy Visit Omaha
WEBINAR – Trail Network Signage: Creating a Unified Brand
February 22, 2019
Signage is an important feature of any trail, helping inform trail users where they are and where they are going.
Trail Management Best Practices: Case Studies in Creating Successful Community Trails
January 01, 2019
Best practices in Trail Management
Prescribe-a-Trail Handbook
August 21, 2017
“Prescribe-a-Trail” programs vary, but essentially, they are hour-or-so-long trail walks led by doctors or other clinicians.