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RAISE Funds for Your Trail and Active Transportation Network
April 22, 2021
Since the program was created in 2009, USDOT has awarded nearly $9 billion in RAISE funds addressing all modes of transportation.
Biden Infrastructure Goals Would Be Achieved With More Strategic Investment in Walking and Biking
April 13, 2021
What the Biden Infrastructure plan is missing, however, is a focus on creating low-stress walking and biking routes, like trail and active transportation networks.
Biden Administration Infrastructure Goals Demand Robust Investment in Trails, Walking and Biking
March 31, 2021
While the American Jobs Plan addresses vital issue of bicyclist and pedestrian safety, it’s time to get specific about increasing walking and biking to achieve economic, equity and climate goals, says nation’s largest active-transportation advocacy organization
National mall Lincoln memorial Washington Monument obelisk and United States Capitol Building behind the tulips
Guidance on T&I Committee Earmarks
March 29, 2021
The U.S. House of Representatives Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has now issued guidance about earmarks.
Photo courtesy RTC
Delivering a Transformative Federal Transportation Bill
March 24, 2021
Photo courtesy RTC
2021 Trail Grants Awardees Support Community Connections On and Off Trails
March 15, 2021
RTC has announced the recipients of its 2021 Trail Grants Program, awarding a total of $145,000 to support 11 trail projects across the country.
Heartland Trail in Ohio | Courtesy Rails-to-Trails of Wayne County
COVID-19 Emergency Relief Act of 2020 Makes Funding Available for Transportation
January 25, 2021
Congress passed the $900 billion COVID-19 Emergency Relief Act of 2020, a wide-ranging economic stimulus package that includes support for transportation systems.
Photo courtesy RTC
Looking Back, With Gratitude, on a Year of Challenges and Triumphs for Trails
December 23, 2020
As 2020 draws to a close—a year of extreme changes and challenges—it is with incredible appreciation that we reflect on the collective impact of our movement across the country.
Photo by India Kea
2020 Progress on Cross-Country Great American Rail-Trail Includes $4 million in New Funding and 2,000 Miles Completed
December 08, 2020
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy points to enduring commitment and progress for the Great American as reinforcement of the health and economic value that trails deliver nationwide
Great American Rail-Trail Infographic (2020) by RTC
New Mexico’s Canyon Rim Trail
December 04, 2020
One of Los Alamos County's most popular pathways, the Canyon Rim Trail, provides an easy—and easy to reach—option in the heart of the community, packing a lot of wonder into its 2.5 miles.
Canyon Rim Trail | Courtesy Los Alamos County Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Division