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Elements of Gold: Michigan’s Pere Marquette Rail-Trail Is a Special Place for All Seasons
April 08, 2024
The Pere Marquette Rail-Trail is like a gold standard for the quality of the trail and the upkeep and something people can enjoy all the time.
The Tridge along the 30-mile Pere Marquette Rail Trail in Michigan | Photo by Cory Matteson
Five Far-Out Trails for Viewing the 2024 Solar Eclipse
March 20, 2024
During the celestial spectacle on April 8, 2024, the moon will pass between the sun and Earth. Here are five trails to view this phenomenon.
Getting ready to view the total eclipse in 2017 | Photo by Scott Stark
Longleaf Trace Case Study
February 17, 2024
The Longleaf Trace in Southern Mississippi is not only a stunning ride, but an economic and transportation asset for the region.
California’s Sacramento River Rail Trail and Trail
October 05, 2023
The Sacramento River Rail Trail and its sister trail to the south, the Sacramento River Trail, together form a 21-mile major artery to a 200-miles-plus trail system of mostly dirt (but some paved) routes that can take users from Redding, a major urban area, into open areas of wilderness.
Diestelhorst to Downtown ride | Photo courtesy City of Redding
California’s Sacramento River Rail Trail and Trail Inducted into Rails-to-Trails Conservancy’s Hall of Fame
August 10, 2023
RTC announced that California’s Sacramento River Rail Trail and Sacramento River Trail will be inducted to its iconic Hall of Fame.
California's Sacramento River Trail's Stress Ribbon Bridge | Photo by Seth McGaha
Meet the 2023 Hall of Fame Nominees
July 06, 2023
We need a little help picking which trail should take the title for 2023. We’ve narrowed the list down to three stellar nominees.
Graphic by RTC
Trail Moments | BRB—I’m Enjoying the B2B (Border to Boston Trail)!
December 21, 2022
When complete, the Border to Boston (B2B) Trail will span 70 miles from the New Hampshire state line to Massachusetts’ capital and largest city.
The B2B's Old Eastern Marsh Trail at Lion’s Park in Salisbury, Massachusetts | Photo by Chris Roop
Maine’s Eastern Trail Selected As One of the Nation’s Best Rail-Trails
August 11, 2022
The popular Maine trail to join elite group as 36th inductee in Rails-to-Trails Conservancy’s national Rail-Trail Hall of Fame
Maine's Eastern Trail was inducted into the 2022 Rail-Trail Hall of Fame | Photo courtesy Eastern Trail Alliance
Trail Moments | Our Quest to Visit All of America’s Hall of Fame Rail-Trails
July 05, 2022
Visit All of America’s Hall of Fame Rail-Trails: Our journey started with an F150 pickup carrying canoes on the roof and bicycles.
Hall of Fame milestone on Florida's Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail | Courtesy Carol Alexander
Take an American Adventure on 10 Presidential Pathways
February 21, 2022
Just in time for Presidents’ Day, here are 10 multiuse trails that share ties with some notable U.S. heads of state.
Virginia's Mount Vernon Trail | Photo by TrailLink user ringogarcia1972 Virginia's Mount Vernon Trail | Photo by TrailLink user ringogarcia1972