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Focus Term: History Happened Here

History Happened Here: Sidepaths and the Persistent Dreams of Trail Building
May 27, 2015
Right now, in the middle of the 21st-century bike boom, the rail-trail movement is the most successful way to build trails for bikers and walkers. But it’s certainly not the first; many other plans for trail building have come and gone.
An illustration of tourists riding bicycles by A.B. Frost, circa 1896 | Courtesy Library of Congress
History Happened Here: How the Switchback Railroad Inspired the Invention of the Roller Coaster
September 12, 2014
The Switchback Gravity Railroad, built in 1827, was only the second railroad built in America. It ran nine miles, hauling coal from Summit Hill down to the town of Mauch Chunk and the Lehigh Canal in east central Pennsylvania.
Image courtesy RTC
Historic Preservation & Community Identity
October 15, 2003
Trails and greenways provide a window into our history and culture by connecting people to historic features, bridges, buildings and canals.