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Focus Term: Maintenance and Volunteers

Webinar – Trail Funding Unpacked: Navigating Resources for Sustainable Maintenance
May 01, 2024
Join the TrailNation Collaborative by RTC for a discussion exploring federal funding for trail maintenance.
Georgia’s Cricket Frog Trail
April 04, 2024
The Cricket Frog Trail passes north of Covington Square and twists through miles of woods and scenic farmland before reaching Mansfield.
Group bike ride along Georgia's Cricket Frog Trail | Photo courtesy Newton Trails, Inc.
Trail Moments With Ash Manning: Wild Relationships
September 29, 2023
The dirt and crushed limestone crunch beneath my step as I continue my walk in the woods. I pause briefly to reflect on why I am here in the first place.
Photo courtesy Ash Manning, @AshleysAdventure on Instagram and @ashleysadventure_ on TikTok
Nevada’s River Mountains Loop Trail
May 05, 2023
The River Mountains Loop Trail (RMLT) is a 35-mile paved path that zips through a wild fusion of landscapes—mountains, desert and lake views.
View of Lake Mead along the River Mountains Loop Trail | Photo by John Holman
Six Ways to Be a Good Steward on Celebrate Trails Day (and Every Day)
April 10, 2023
Below are just a few ways you can participate on Celebrate Trails Day while showing a little love to your community and the planet.
Community Painting Day with artist Jay Coreano along Pennsylvania's Tacony Creek Trail | Photo courtesy Tookany-Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership, Inc
Trail Moments | BRB—I’m Enjoying the B2B (Border to Boston Trail)!
December 21, 2022
When complete, the Border to Boston (B2B) Trail will span 70 miles from the New Hampshire state line to Massachusetts’ capital and largest city.
The B2B's Old Eastern Marsh Trail at Lion’s Park in Salisbury, Massachusetts | Photo by Chris Roop
Idaho’s Weiser River National Recreation Trail
June 13, 2022
When someone says “Idaho,” most people think of potatoes, but the Weiser River National Recreation Trail demonstrates there is so much more to the landscape and the people. Traveling 84 miles—from forested terrain through canyons and onto the high prairie in the west-central part of the state—there is an ever-changing beauty that evokes an appreciation of the region and the forward-thinking individuals who sought to preserve the corridor.
Idaho's Weiser River Trail | Photo by Mike Beavers
Tom Petri Awards Honor 13 Outstanding Trail Projects and Programs in 2021
November 11, 2021
The Coalition for Recreational Trails (CRT) honored this year’s recipients of the Tom Petri Recreational Trails Program Annual Achievement Awards.
Vermilion River Regional Greenway in Minnesota | Photo by TrailLink user travistschepen
Richmond Industrial Trail transformará vecindarios y vidas en el norte de Filadelfia
April 19, 2021
La visión de una vía verde de 1,9 millas para caminar y andar en bicicleta está tomando forma a lo largo de Richmond Industrial Track.
Apertura de una sección de la ruta Richmond Industrial Trail de Filadelfia a lo largo de Little Gurney Street en 2018 | Cortesía de HACE
Richmond Industrial Trail Will Transform Neighborhoods and Lives in North Philadelphia
April 19, 2021
A vision for a 1.9-mile walking and biking greenway is taking shape along the Richmond Industrial Track.
Gurney Street Trail pilot project along the planned Richmond Industrial Trail | Photo by Anya Saretzky, courtesy RTC