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Focus Term: Trail Destinations

Idaho’s Weiser River National Recreation Trail
June 13, 2022
When someone says “Idaho,” most people think of potatoes, but the Weiser River National Recreation Trail demonstrates there is so much more to the landscape and the people. Traveling 84 miles—from forested terrain through canyons and onto the high prairie in the west-central part of the state—there is an ever-changing beauty that evokes an appreciation of the region and the forward-thinking individuals who sought to preserve the corridor.
Idaho's Weiser River Trail | Photo by Mike Beavers
Bridge to Everywhere: Examining Signature Gateways Across America
June 09, 2022
Examining the Connectors, Builders and Signature Gateways Across America’s Trail Networks
Wendy Park Bridge along the Cleveland Foundation Centennial Lake Link Trail | Photo by Jason Cohn
20 Iconic Bike and Pedestrian Bridges in America
June 08, 2022
Across the country, bridges are literally serving as gateways for communities to achieve critical strides in active transportation, conservation and economic development. Here, we take a look at 20 iconic bridges and trestles in the United States (in no particular order) that have played—or are playing—transformative connectivity roles in their regions.
Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge connecting Council Bluffs, Iowa, and Omaha, Nebraska | Photo by Matthew Nissen
California’s Napa Valley Vine Trail
April 12, 2022
As California’s Napa Valley Vine Trail grows to reach its ultimate 47-mile potential, community members and visitors realize the beauty of connectivity and accessibility.
California's Napa Valley Vine Trail in Yountville | Courtesy Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition
Cómo prepararse para su primer viaje de larga distancia por senderos
March 22, 2022
¡pensamos que sería un buen momento para presentar cinco consejos simples para paseos en senderos de larga distancia!
cedar lake trail en minneapolis-minnesota foto de tony hull toole design group
Maine’s Eastern Trail
March 15, 2022
Bob Hamblen takes to the Eastern Trail on his bike, riding through various sections of the route that traverses 28 miles of southern Maine’s spectacular coastline. While he sees it as “a win” wherever he ends up on the trail, the long-time Saco resident has his favorites.
The Scarborough bridge on Maine's Eastern Trail | Courtesy Eastern Trail Alliance
Trail Moments | A Tale of a Tour: Traveling by Trail in Wisconsin
February 25, 2022
Traveling by bike allows you see snapshots of people’s daily lives and interact with them. "Traveling lets you see a thousand lives you might have lived.”
Traveling by trail | Courtesy Rachel and Patrick Hugens
Take an American Adventure on 10 Presidential Pathways
February 21, 2022
Just in time for Presidents’ Day, here are 10 multiuse trails that share ties with some notable U.S. heads of state.
Virginia's Mount Vernon Trail | Photo by TrailLink user ringogarcia1972 Virginia's Mount Vernon Trail | Photo by TrailLink user ringogarcia1972
Trail Moments | Finding Love Feet First
February 14, 2022
They regularly rode the Great Allegheny Passage together as friends, and when they became a couple, it served as the setting for Stephen’s marriage proposal.
Arias and Stephen Flory | Courtesy Arias Flory
Follow Your Art: Exploring the Trailside Artwork of Bernard Williams
January 27, 2022
“Connecting art with trails is a beautiful gesture that seems to be happening more often,” reflected Bernard Williams.
Talking Wall artwork along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail | Courtesy Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc.