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Focus Term: Trail of the Month

Kentucky’s Dawkins Line Rail Trail
May 13, 2022
Dawkins Line Rail Trail is Kentucky’s longest rail-trail. The 36-mile crushed-stone path is open to bicyclists, hikers and horseback riders.
Kentucky's Dawkins Line Rail Trail | Photo by Tamara Hicks
California’s Napa Valley Vine Trail
April 12, 2022
As California’s Napa Valley Vine Trail grows to reach its ultimate 47-mile potential, community members and visitors realize the beauty of connectivity and accessibility.
California's Napa Valley Vine Trail in Yountville | Courtesy Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition
Maine’s Eastern Trail
March 15, 2022
Bob Hamblen takes to the Eastern Trail on his bike, riding through various sections of the route that traverses 28 miles of southern Maine’s spectacular coastline. While he sees it as “a win” wherever he ends up on the trail, the long-time Saco resident has his favorites.
The Scarborough bridge on Maine's Eastern Trail | Courtesy Eastern Trail Alliance
North Carolina’s American Tobacco Trail
February 15, 2022
The American Tobacco Trail connects to over 70 miles of trails and greenways through urban, suburban and rural communities.
American Tobacco Trail | Photo by Dave Connelly
Indiana’s Big 4 Trail
January 11, 2022
Surrounded by tree canopies, beautiful countryside and the charm of small towns, the Big 4 Trail traverses a Midwestern wonderland. The developing rail-trail serves as an important regional connector—spreading diagonally across Boone County, crossing into Clinton County and, eventually, continuing into Tippecanoe County.
Indiana's Big 4 Trail | Courtesy Town of Zionsville
Utah’s Jordan River Parkway Trail
December 06, 2021
The Jordan River Parkway Trail cuts a nearly 50-mile path through Utah’s most densely populated region, traversing portions of Salt Lake City.
Jordan River Parkway Trail | Photo by TrailLink user trailrider622
Ohio’s Camp Chase Trail
November 10, 2021
Ohio’s Camp Chase Trail is a 16-mile pathway traversing bountiful farmlands, calming countryside and invigorating city scenes.
Ohio's Camp Chase Trail | Photo by TrailLink user jodydzuranin
Oklahoma’s Oklahoma River Trails
October 06, 2021
These routes, including the well-loved Oklahoma River Trails, bring people to the neighborhoods, parks, world-class attractions and the flourishing downtown region.
Oklahoma River Trails | Courtesy Oklahoma City Community Foundation
Iowa’s Raccoon River Valley Trail
September 10, 2021
In pastoral west-central Iowa, the Raccoon River Valley Trail has won this year’s blue-ribbon prize: entrance into the Rail-Trail Hall of Fame.
Perry's depot along the Raccoon River Valley Trail | Courtesy Raccoon River Valley Trail Association
Washington’s Snoqualmie Valley Trail
August 09, 2021
Tokul Trestle on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail | Photo by Eli Brownell, courtesy King County Parks